Founder Story

My name is Tom Ryan. I've been using and building customer relationship software for 20 years now.

I’m not a computer programmer. I’m a salesman by trade. I made 150 calls a day pounding the phone for years. My sales teams have personally made over $100,000,000 in sales, and I have sat on the boards of companies that have made billions in that time frame.

Tom Ryan

When I started my company, I went looking for customer relationship software that would work for me. I called the big guys.

Companies like Salesforce and HubSpot aren’t built for you and me. Salesforce quoted me $200,000 for five users ANNUALLY because I had too many contacts. Plus, I needed to get an install partner for a six-week installation process. That was going to be an additional $25,000. Who has the time and money for that? Not small businesses with ten employees or fewer. Salesforce should have brought a gun at that price. HubSpot wanted $100,000 for the same thing.

Price wasn’t the only problem. Some other vendors were cheaper but didn’t have the features my business needed. I wanted emails, texts, and phone calls tracked automatically through the software. No vendor provided this. Most systems also relied on accurate data entry by the sales team. If my team didn’t enter every contact the system wouldn’t function properly. I hate doing data entry and so did all my salespeople.  Even worse, this wasted hours of time every day.

There had to be a better way...